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Medical center / Emergency ward

Colosseumklinikken Medical Center AS covers a wide range of medical and health services. We work interdisciplinary together in order to help you get the best possible treatment. By having all specialists under one roof, we all work together with an objective to establish the best possible follow-up and total overview of your health.

The advantage by sharing the academic strengths of each other, is that you, the patient, are in good hands with the team at Colosseumklinikken Medical Center. We take all your problems and challenges seriously and have as well established an extensive network of collaborators in order to achieve that goal.

Emergency room / Emergency ward

Emergency room has “drop-in” and is open for everybody.
We are open 365 days a year from 08.00-21.00 monday-thursday, 08.00-18.00 friday and 10.00-18.00 saturday-sunday.

We are located in a modern style building and offers a high quality service for acute injuries, illnesses and emergencies.


Consultation appointments
(up to 15 min. incl. prescription/ sick leave)

  • 795 NOK